International EV Conference in Macedonia

Dear friends and colleagues,
enthusiasts and innovators,
professors and science minded,
activists and ecologists,
business and technological leaders,
media and journalists,

we would like to invite you and encourage you to participate in the International EV Conference that will take place in the campus of Electro-technical and Mechanical Faculty in Skopje, Macedonia in the building for motor vehicles and homologation in the Mechanical Faculty – Skopje on the 27th of June 2013 Thursday, starting 9:00 morning and finishing roughly at 15:00. We shall have several brakes in-between: 🙂

The Conference as initially designed targets the emerging technologies with the potential to transform our cities in near future both with its infrastructure and the different levels in our society from urbanization and transport to anthropology and advanced engineering and its culture, therefore the society as a whole; thus we want to investigate the potential areas in which Macedonia can target the areas for its research and development for its own sake with the Electrical Vehicles EV’s, the infrastructure to support the EV, educational and faculty systems as well as business opportunities and implications for the culture in our society as a whole.

The agenda and organization are designed to promote science and scientific thinking as our prime guides, but as well to popularize the idea for the EV’s; our drive and point is therefore not in the Electrical Vehicles per se, but in the transformation of the cities as urban areas as a whole!

Access in the Conference room is free of charge and we encourage high-school, undergraduate and graduated as well as post-graduated students to join us! We want to bring all interested parties from a broader perspective to take part in the idea, please do sharpen the mind with our intentions: click here.

We shall have a small FARE with Electrical Vehicles that shall make an e-rally from Slovenia and Bulgaria; we shall as well have e-scooter from a Macedonian innovator and electrical and mechanical equipment as charging stations that support the EV’s as well as cabling confection. The NEW building for motor vehicles on Mechanical Faculty – Skopje it-self is a tick well-packed ambient as gallery space with multiplicity of motor vehicle designs on the several floors, as well as idea labs and simulation labs and workshop where we shall make a small tour so the focus from the FARE is broaden. In the workshop of the building we will bring you to see the designed and build chasis for a motor vehicle! Hybrids will be covered as well! Join us!

An EV Declaration, click will be signed to broader and further target our goals and shall be made public as we progress after the Conference day.

Lecture blocks from 10 to 20 minutes shall be held by leading people in the field, PhD’s and faculty professors as well as innovators and NGO enthusiasts. We shall have guests from several EU countries. Working language is English. Official Agenda | Официјална Агенда, click.

Please find more information in the right block of our portal under “International eMobility Conference in Macedonia 27 06 2013.” We encourage you  to mail us at: for more info or call +38970267622 or please do directly join us in the Conference room. For sake of enough room space and other planning please do inform us prior to visiting us! 🙂

The Event is mapped in the European Sustainable energy week EUSEW


Have EV fun! 🙂
.мк: Мисија 2026

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